Bringing the sounds of the Caribbean to coastal North Carolina

Enhance the atmosphere of any celebration with acoustic steel drum music

Calypso-style entertainment for weddings and parties

Sea Pans Steel Drum Ensemble

Sea Pans is a dynamic, acoustic steel drum ensemble playing a variety of traditional and modern Caribbean music. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, our members play drums in a range of styles, sizes, and rhythms. Our repertoire includes soca, calypso, bossa nova, samba, Latin, jazz, and ska, along with energetic pop tunes and classical pieces infused with that special island sound.

We can tailor our music to fit any venue or occasion and often perform at weddings, private parties, festivals, corporate events, restaurants and hotels. We pride ourselves on being the life of every party and will put together the perfect ensemble for a memorable event.

Steel Drum Magic

Few instruments produce a more evocative sound than the steel drum. One need only hear a few notes to be instantly swept away in mind if not in body, to a beach with swaying palms and crystal clear waters. It’s hard not to feel happy listening to them, and even harder not to get up and dance to their infectious, melodic rhythms. Whether you are planning a wedding ceremony or a festive holiday party, add a little steel drum magic to your celebration with Sea Pans.

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